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How many times have you spilled wine, coffee or a fizzy drink on your beautiful carpet with the outcome of a nasty stain left behind after you’ve tried cleaning it.

This new range of carpet has a built in protective barrier that makes any liquid spill sit on top of the carpet and will not allow it to soak in, this allows you to simply soak up the liquid leaving no stain or odour.

Available in 4 colour ways, it comes complete with a 10 year wear warranty and a lifetime stain warranty, made from 100% Stainfree Polypropylene which is stain resistant and bleach cleanable.

With its luxury look and its soft touch feel is suitable for anywhere in the home.

Call to our showroom now to view the colour choices in this beautiful range and feel free to bring any liquid you might wish to test for yourself.  You’ll be amazed at this revolutionary new carpet.

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