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Let us introduce our exclusive new click PVC range, Natural Evolution.

This Luxury PVC floor is suitable for residential and commercial use and can be installed over most existing floor finishes.

Natural Evolution comes in a plank form and has a built in protective PU(Polyurethane) wear layer, proven to withstand scratches and dirt penetration, this protective layer repels dirt, dust mites and other allergens.

It can withstand the impact of intensive use including high heels and furniture legs.

Its unique design provides perfect acoustics in every space, its sound damping foundation reduces noise to a comfortable level

Natural Evolution is moisture resistant ideal for Kitchen and Bathroom where there is a risk of slipping, it is firm underfoot and has a slip resistance value of R10.

This new range of Click PVC flooring can give any room in your house, office or showroom the Natural look and Feel.

Inspired by nature the refreshing designs and textures create a totally natural appearance and touch.

The highly realistic designs and the attention to detail make this PVC product tough to tell if it’s real wood.

Unlike real wood floors Natural Evolution is resistant to staining, scratching and wear.

There is no more sanding and varnishing when you choose to install Natural Evolution.

Its great variety of designs, textures, colours and finishes takes your room to the next level of interior design.

Natural Evolution comes with a 20 year residential and a 10 year commercial warranty.

Visit our showroom to see this new ultra, modern product that will transform any space into a durable, distinguished paragon of style.


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