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How to choose a carpet


Six helpful hints to help you choose a carpet

Volume of Traffic

Your first consideration should be about how much “traffic” you are going to have on the carpet. If you plan to put a carpet in the bedroom, then it won’t have as much “traffic” as a carpet on stairs or in a sitting room

Stain Resistance

This is something to think about with any carpet, especially carpets that are going to be used in a dining room or play room area where there will be a steady stream of food or possibilities for spills. The Majority of carpets these days are treated with a stain resistance

Wool carpets

Although they have a tendency too be more expensive they are one of the highest quality types of carpet you can buy. Wool is a natural product therefore it is easier to clean and maintain

Man made carpets

Man made carpets would be the best choice for heavy traffic. If you have a high traffic area, then nylon would be an ideal choice due to the durability. Nylon is stain resistant as well, and repels mildew.

Polyester is another good carpet as it is easy to clean and repels water based stains. Polyester is known for the look and feel of wool, although it is much less expensive.

Colour consideration.

Light coloured carpets create an effect of a larger space, although they do tend to show stains more easily. Dark carpets on the other hand tend to absorb light, giving a room what many know as the “cosy feeling”.


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